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I've just replaced the audio file on my soundcloud:

I wasn't happy with the chord progression or the tightness of the intergration between the Organs Pedal Bass line and the JBass. I am going to keep refining this arrangement I won't make several versions available on my SoundCloud just the latest..

I was starting to make a paired down version of the project for posting here. But I need to do a lot of work on using the Numerology Drumsets as I've realised my arrangement with a set that has a completely different layout and make up. Also I want to find a reverb that I can use that's included in the Numerlogy audio processing buy I'm getting some weird behaviour in the the Reverb AU it is creating more of an echo effect.. Maybe my buffer is too large 1024, as it is it's unusable..

I promise though that a DiscreetMadnnes demo project is on the top of my list for the Five12 site.
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