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Try this:

- Quit N4 if it's running.
- Plug in the LPad Pro
- Hold down the Setup button on the LPad, and then press the orange button. That's the one for programmer mode. The button will glow a bit brighter if it is in Programmer mode. After releasing the Setup button, you will see "Programmer" scroll across the grid -- but only if the previous mode was something else.
- Now check the MIDI Channel for the Lpad: Press Setup again. You'll see the bottom two rows are blue. That is where you set the MIDI Channel. The top-left button (of the two blue rows) is Channel 1, and should (by default) be a darker blue than the others. You can set whatever channel you like, but you will have to make sure your setup in Numerology matches it.

- Now start Numerology.
- Open the Controller Setup dialog. If you have not already, use the "gear" menu to add a setup for the Launchpad Pro.
- Setup the Input and Output MIDI Ports and the MIDI Channel. Use the "Launchpad Pro Standalone" MIDI Ports -- both for input and output.
- Save the config, and restart Numerology. If you open a project with any Note Sequencers, you should see the Launchpad light up. Use the "Note" button to bring up the "Rack Nav" screen, select a module, etc.

I've attached a screenshot of my config below. Let me know if this helps!

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