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Hi Everyone,

I just got mine last week and have had a few plays. I LOVE it. It's already super fun for performance with the mutes, skip steps, probability, and 9th encoder.

But of course I'm immediately trying to do things that are not (yet?) possible.

First, i want to be able to do fills in real time.

Jim and I talked a little about the edit buffer over email, here's how I think about it:

It's a favourite performance trick I learned on Elektron boxes, which is more or less like playing fill that punctuate an otherwise steady baseline. I think this is possible in Numerology as well.

Step 1: establish a basic sequence, and save it.
Step 2: twist a bunch of knobs to make everything go bananas
Step 3: reload preset to go back to “basic” sequence in time with the music

In practice this sounds great and is a lot of fun. Right now you can do it by copying presets, but the preset bank fills up FAST this way.

Relatedly, the 9th encoder keeps relative values (for instance, different velocities) until you go down to zero and then it resets. It would be great to be able to defeat this behaviour, so that you can go down to zero and then back up and maintain the ratios that were set earlier on. Again, for fills.

I'd love to be able to change key temporarily rather than in record mode (or maybe I don't understand record mode yet). Again, thinking musically in terms of variation and returning "home." Again: fills.


The second thing I want is a bit more flexibility in output assignments.

I've already assigned the modseq outputs to velocity for more resolution to use as a control CV, but you only get 8 steps there. With notes you probably get
enough resolution to use that as a control CV instead (just represented in notes).

In the meantime, I've just got a Mutable Instruments Frames next to my Vector Sequencer, which lets me send 4 CVs per "step" or preset.

Here are a few other things I know I'd love to have right away:

--A basic drumseq option to use the trigger outputs on the expander independently of pitch. Just looking at the unit one can imagine it being used that way.

--A way to separate pitch and gate for sequences, so that pitch and velocity changes (or whatever I've got coming out of that output) can be heard without a fresh gate.

I know this is a lot and presumably Jim already has a development plan, but a boy can dream.
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