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My N4 projects are rarely without:

Param-modding signals as the x & y targets of Triple XY modules, using their glide functionality to apply slew to the signal.

Building sequenced logic stuff with the S&H Shift Register, Binary Op modules, sequenced/logic controlled audio & CV Switches, and Gate Sequencers.

Using all of the CV busses and CV In/Out modules to "stealthily" transport control signals between stacks.

Similary, using the Audio Out module (in InputOutput category) for Audio routing beyond each stack's 8 main aux outputs (which can of course be remapped per stack) and tapping aux audio off before each stack's primary output.

Putting a Pan & Volume before each audio Stack's output so I can trim the channel's gain before it reaches the stack's main volume control. This lets me keep as much of the main volume control's range usable for gain tweaks.

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