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Default N4P as cv hub etc.

I hate it when people post to say they have little or no experience with the question at hand; guilty as charged. However...

I'd suggest you dig into the N4P docs to get a grip on what, conceptually, cv means in that world. It might be as simple as the distinction between integer and real numbers. As I recall, both MIDI and cv signals are reals, meaning they can have any value (within the limitations of the processor's architecture.) So, basically, you can play "in the cracks" on the keyboard.

Obviously, you will not be dealing with electrical voltages to an external hardware device, but -- again conceptually -- you will have pretty much the same level of granularity of control.

Open Sound Control is likely another stopping place, again a much more granular protocol than MIDI even if it is quite a bit higher up most learning curves. There's a fair amount of stuff available around the Reaktor environment that might give you some hints.

The new Reason is a tempting leap, but I personally have never used my v9 copy enough to justify it. Maybe if you come up with some compelling experiments, I'll be able to take another look.

All the best and keep us posted! ...edN
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