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Originally Posted by pbzoot View Post
From a search, I see that Jim uses(d) a novation sl with numerology.
Yes, I do -- though not quite as much as I used too -- there's quite the pile of controllers going on over here...

Originally Posted by pbzoot View Post
Is it still best to set it up using non-automap mode? (Note: I also use a launchpad)
Yes -- you get much better control over what is going on. What I did originally was setup 3 custom presets using the Novation editor. Probably now I'd just use 2 -- one for Numerology, one for editing my DSI Tetra.

Originally Posted by pbzoot View Post
What is the best way to set it up so that the transport buttons work with numerology's master transport?
Setup the SL's transport buttons to send MIDI CCs, then use N4's Controller Setup dialog and make a 'MIDI Transport' setup for the SL.

I'd also recommend setting up the SL as a 'mixer controller' with some of the knobs & faders -- pick either of the two banks. I tend to use the sliders w/ the dual buttons on the RHS.

Originally Posted by pbzoot View Post
From a workflow perspective, do you generally MIDI learn from scratch each time you start a new project? Or do you have template files that you generally start from with mappings in place?
I usually start from an existing template file that steadily evolves. Mostly I use 2 Launchpads (for sequence editing) and an iPad w/ a TouchOSC for mixing and some carefully selected module params -- specifically some LFO settings. The trick is to not try to do too much! If you want to map some of the SLs knobs to a sequencer, then use the MonoNote, and only map a few things, and only for 8 steps -- I'd pick Pitch, Skip, Gate & maybe mute or Random Jump. You can have an awful lot of fun with just that... I'd also probably put EndStep on a single knob. Again, don't try to do too much -- mapping the whole MonoNote would drive you nuts -- instead, save some pennies and get a used Launchpad...

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