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Old 05-17-2010, 04:52 PM
baltimoroder baltimoroder is offline
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Default Smart CV Takeover

I built a proof-of-concept Comparator circuit in N2 that detects movement from a controller (BCR2000) to override/takeover a CV stream.

In the video, I have a MonoNote triggering a voice sample. The pitch/tune is being modulated by a LFO. That is, unless you move a MIDI controller... At that point, the comparator detects the change, mutes the LFO, and the pitch is now exclusively controlled by the knob. Stop moving the knob and the LFO kicks back in.

I am using multiple ParamMods, SignalProcs, CV Mixers, and a Faderbox. The key was to use two copies of the MIDI CC from from controller. One normal and the other inverted/slewed; this gives me movement detection which is used to override the otherwise normal CV stream. I don't think I can post files to the forum so let me know if anyone wants a copy of the project.

Lots of fun !!
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Old 05-18-2010, 10:53 PM
baltimoroder baltimoroder is offline
Join Date: Mar 2009
Posts: 110

Apparently I can't PM either? If anyone sent me something and didn't get a reply, let me know here.

Hey amsonx, send me your email plz.
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Old 05-18-2010, 11:40 PM
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I checked the permissions for the "registered users" usergroup and didn't see anything obvious that would limit your ability to send PMs -- but then vBulletin only has a ridiculous number of settings. Anyway, I bumped your status up to "Numerology Users", which allows you to add attachments to your posts. (all you gotta do is ask..)

And, btw, nice trick you found!

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