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Old 02-14-2012, 06:53 AM
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Default OverlappRig

A user asked if there was a way to make overlapping tones.

Tone one continues on after tone two starts for up to 200% of it's own length.

At present this isn't implemented.

I used to do this sort of thing in Cubase where I'd just select all the notes in a section and lengthen them..

That's midi sequencer modus. Fast easy straight foward. But it sort of stops there.

With the modular sequencer you can often have rather round about ways to reach the same goals. But just these types of difficulties open up whole new ways of working. Technological excursions can be extremely fruitfull especially if once found you allow these small workaround situations to evolve in musically interesting ways.

Now I made a couple of different setups to solve the solution.

I described them in the original thread where you can also download the two solutions to the problem, that really wasn't really a problem just a new "feature" waiting to be found:

Posts three and six contain the example setups..

I also posted a track using in part, OverlapRig2 in the Numerology subforum "your music" the track is called Valentine Jam found here:



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