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Old 08-26-2012, 11:06 AM
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Default Maschine intergration with Numerology

I've had Numerology for quite awhile and the Maschine since March 2011 but because of my way of working I hadn't really dug very deep into intergrating it into my workflow. This and the CPU limitation of my mid 2007 imac kept it somewhat cold.

But now with the Computer upgrade I'm getting all my gears clucking and ticking away quite well.

I'm getting the hang of Maschine rather quickly, motivated in part by my newly acquired "expansion" Raw voltage. I realized soon enough though, that I needed a way for aligning the Scenes in Maschine with my DIY Scenes in Numerology. Disclaimer I searched the Maschine forum and refound a post by TwoSoldiers who outlined a technique for making Maschine function in a more linear way in standalone modus.

With a similiar problem here I found the setup was relatively easy to do!

I have used a Program/Scene changer stack to move me through an arrangement one preset at a time through my Mega Numerology Project. Desribed in the Projects subforum.

To get the Scenes in the Maschine to change with the Numerology Preset Changes. On the Maschine software, go into the tiny drop down button on the Scenes Title bar and choose Midi settings and setup, turn scene Sync off, Enable Scene change to linke to Program change. Set the Prg Change Channel, and now your programs changes generated in Numerology will change scenes for your Maschine.

Additionally the setup needs a program change module in Numerology sent out a midi bus that Maschine listens to. I inserted a midi output module and set it to midi bus "Numerology out 4", and went into Audio Midi settings on the File menu in Maschine Audio and enabled input from Numerology 4.

It's works !!

So this allows tempo changes in Maschine Stand alone modus when Synced to Numerology to follow the scene tempo changes in Numerology. That way I can work my Maschine material to fit the master time.

A further tweek to this system would be add sub sectional call up of Maschine Scenes. So my patterns in Maschine don't have to get unintuitively long. I'm thinking of adding a binary op x4 to the program number that way in the Numerology project when I have 10 scene changes these will get subdivide into 40 Scenes/patterns in the Maschine.

Edit, I have set it up so that Maschine plays nested loops of four Scenes four each Numerology Scene, by inserting an additional multi module device that adds a value of 1,2,3,4 to the base program number as well as offsets this by 4,8,12,16,20,24,28,32 and 36, so now I have subsectional groups of four scenes matching up with Numerologies 10 sections, I find this necessary to get short patterns working in Maschine as that program is strong on shorter building blocks.

The extra logic for making this work is somewhat blunt force module setup. Perhaps there is a more elegant way of setting this up but I doubt that it would require fewer modules so why bother?

The Setup
An additional Velocity sequencer added to the Program changer stack, range set; 1-8, Clock Div 2xW, Values selected here represent 1 of the four possible Scenes per section. Of course this number could be expanded or contracted as needed. This value is added to an offset value for each of the 10 Scenes/sections of the Numerology Project.

This offset is obtained by using Binary Ops set to "equal" in this case 10 Binary Ops, each one a dedicated filter for 1 of the 10 possible numbers, Say Scene 7 in the numerology project is currently active, this input into the Binary Op that is set to 7 creates an output that goes into a dedicated Tenary op for this number 7, The Tenary Op then outputs the offset value, number 7 gives in this setup an offset of 28, this offset goes into another Binary op with a function of "add", this binary Ops input A gets it's value from the Velocity sequencer assigned to the four possible "nested" Maschine scenes. Because I've set the Velocity sequencer Clock Div to 2xW I get a Maschine Scene/Pattern change every two bars, this is additionally enabled by the addition of a Gate sequencer normaled and set to 2xW routed into a paramod slot two, destination Program module "Send Now"

This works a charm.

One might say why bother!?! Well it didn't take that long to setup, And it is more elegant to work with Maschine Standalone, CPU resources get spread out over the 4 Cores as well. Now when I get the extra dough I'll get Hijack pro and record the System audio to make a mixdown of the Numerology and Maschine audio output.



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