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Old 02-25-2018, 01:38 PM
adgangfolmer adgangfolmer is offline
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Default Live 10 and Numerology


I've just recently installed Live 10 and I'm doing some "stress testing" of my setup at the moment.
I'm running a fairly large Live set with 6 instances of Numerology 4 (latest build) as VSTs. I'm controlling Numerology with a Launchpad, and overall it's working well. I am however experincing some subtle playback glitches when I'm navigating to a new stack/sequencer and a few times when I'm entering notes in the grid.
If I'm running Numerology as a ReWire slave instead, there doesn't seem to be any glitches, so I think it's a VST issue. Has anybody else experinced this issue?
It doesn't seem like an issue in Live 9.

Best Regards
- Stig
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Old 03-01-2018, 12:51 PM
jim jim is offline
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Interesting... What audio buffer size are you using? I assume you're moving between stacks using the RackNav page on the Launchpad, yes?

Also: is the Launchpad connected to your Mac directly, or via a USB hub?

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Old 03-05-2018, 08:36 AM
adgangfolmer adgangfolmer is offline
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I'm running at 256 kb. and CPU usage is around 30%. It's connected via a powered USB hub (with more than sufficiant power). I'll try to bypass the hub, and see if anything changes.

And yes, I am using the rack nav page.
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