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Old 01-04-2018, 03:49 PM
Loopy C Loopy C is offline
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Default 4 Source /4 Quadrant XY Audio Mixing?

Can someone suggest how to implement with the 4-in 1 out audio mixer in Numerology a 4 source/quadrant X/Y mix?

For an example of what I am trying to achieve, see the XY Control Cube here:

I don't actually need the realtime 'mousepad' input as I will be using LFO's, just a way to achieve the same effect with two LFO's, such that any 'far corner' of the X/Y plane is ONLY a single audio stream, and of course exact middle is equal mix of all four. So:

X= -1.00 Y= 1.00 is audio 1 only
X= 1.00 Y= 1.00 is audio 2 only
X= -1.00 Y= -1.00 is audio 3 only
X= 1.00 Y= -1.00 is audio 4 only

X= 0.00 Y= 0.00 is all 4 audio sources equally

I love the possibilities with the above 'XY Control Cube' in 'Haunted Spaces' and LFO generators, so would like to use same technique with the four built-in samplers of N4 ;-)

Thanks in advance

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