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Old 10-01-2011, 06:11 AM
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Default The Learning Curve, some thoughts..

I am a details man.

I am a fiddler.

I am a dreamer.

I am ambitious.

I am lazy.

All these thing makes for the perfect fool, for the gear peddlars on the pulsing metal glowing internets..

Ah but even a fall guy might know how to fall and land on a soft spot, instead of ending up wedged between a ROCK and HARD place..

Gear is nice, new software, good, good deals. many knobs, but but, hey how about a bucket of these 30,000 samples called kick drum.. This synth over here it's got five thousands presets, and eight hundred combis. 500 different effects, and it's on sale now until three Days before you run out money.

Now this thing it looks simple and it is simple, until you begin to delve, then well when you come up for air again. Your wife and kids have flown the coup, the dogs are terrorizing the neighbourhood. And your own mother doesn't even recognize you..

You've got GEAR-ITIS in full bloom..

Gear is not bad, it's good to have. Ya never know ya never do know..

But what happens when the smoke clears the dust settles, and you well have time, time on your hands, don't feel much like shopping anymore, everything sound too good, even with out any fiddling or tinkering.. Na Somthuns fishy around here..

What WHOT the F--- put that mountain there!!! Hey I think.. it's now ah, it can't be.. but but but yes it is it's just the first step of the LEARNING CURVE..

Hmmm lots of skeleltans around here, the place is eerily quiet. I think I'll just head up on the path then sing a little song make like happy whisle a little tune. Nothing to worry about here, all things are just running smoothly hunky dory.. Klunk a dunga dunga Crash bang Woadladidilybing! WHAT's THAT a Sig+""!!!#%#%€&%'Processor!!!!

Whew that was a near miss that one nearly took my arm damn it. Hey look out, look out for that thar Binary OP it's coming boudring and rolling down that path.. One just like it took out a group a newbies last week.

Ho woes is me. I think ar eh ah ooh Five12 1,2,3,,4,5,Twelveeeve Jim Coker my main Man whose on first !

Whew, just got an update and bug fix, now I'm shaken but feel with the help I just got I can just get on along that Learning Curve.. Kind curvy over here, longway down over that edge... Holy cow look up there it looks like a scree slope at first glance but now i see it's a collective unused sample bin that gotten loose and seems to be eating it's way into the mountain side.. Someting about crossover frequencies, modulations combined with rampant tremolos.

I think I''ll just head up in the exact opposite directions, the paths forks right over th

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