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Old 12-27-2010, 05:20 AM
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Default OK so I'll keep the praise short....


I've semi-followed Numerology for years. I'd see mentions of it in various forums, maybe the odd reference in an article. I'd check-in if I noticed a new version or update.

But frankly, I didn't "get it". I mean it seemed interesting in an "this is an interesting intellectual exercise" sort of way, but the application was pretty indecipherable for me without a serious investment in time.*

But the redesign of Numerology 3 is nothing short of brilliant. The interface is beautiful not only in appearance but functionality. It is extremely well thought out. My compliments sincerely. It makes a lot of power (that apparently had always been there) immediately accessible. It's really fantastic.

Anyway, after trying it for an hour or so on Christmas, I plunked down for a license. I really look forward to exploring this application. I just wanted to thank you for continuing development of what is a great tool.

I've got a couple of questions I'll post in the other sections.

Best everybody,
*Side note: I'm a working stiff with a 2 year old son and my "free" time such as it is, is pretty limited. So - for better or for worse - unless something really grabs me and I can sort of understand its potential fairly easily, chances are I will not invest the time to really grok it. A frustrating change especially compared to earlier times in life, but the reality right now!
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Old 12-27-2010, 03:17 PM
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Groovy, thanks for the nice comments! Yes, Numerology is a bit unusual, and does take some time to "get into", but really that's the whole goal: to build an environment where one is really encouraged to try new approaches to composition.

As for the time issue, I can totally relate...

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