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Old 02-01-2020, 06:22 AM
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Default SubSeq Rates to match main Sequence

There might be a way of doing this I've missed (please tell me) but I've got a main sequence of 12 steps and a subsequence that transposes this. It's 4 steps and I wanted it to transpose every 2 loops of the main sequence i.e. every 24 steps.

I set is to 2W(hole) notes but this progresses every 32 steps (2.5 loops) not every 24 steps (2 loops). I could use 1/2 notes in the subseq but would need 3 steps in the subseq per every two 12 steps loops in the main sequence. This would require a length of 12 and can only have 8.

Basically could we please have more rate options on the subsequencers based on the number of steps on the main sequencer on that track.

e.g. "1S" which means 1 x the main Sequence length (as opposed to 1W which always equals 16 x 1/16th steps (obviously) at current tempo)...and "2S", "1/2S" etc. If the sequence length changes then the subsequence rate changes. Or alternatively some more whole rates like 1.5W etc.

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