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Old 02-06-2020, 02:40 PM
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Default Chance Ops, IF and IF NOT PREVIOUS chance op is YES

Ability to have a first chance op as YES which would then become a flag for following chance ops that reference this step to also switch to YES.

For example step five is +12 notes upwards with the probability of 50% and it fires a yes during the sequence iteration then maybe step six, seven and eight Are also +12 notes upwards and reference the previous step to say if previous step yes then this step also yes.

Therefore step six, seven and eight would never fire and octave higher and less step five did so first.

The logic could be that it references only the step immediately prior, or that it references the last instance of a chance operator in the sequence cycle starting from step one (eg not carried over). It depends if you can have a reference to an non adjacent step or not.
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