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Old 02-14-2018, 01:34 PM
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Default triggering different sequences independently with assigned midi notes

I apologize for the lengthy request, so please bear with me:

I want to assign several polynote/mononote sequences to different notes on my midi keyboard separate from the universal transport (when I press a seq, the universal play doesn't switch on). So for example, if I press C1 it triggers a sequencer from stack one and plays until I let that go. Then if I play D1 it triggers a sequencer from stack two (it could be a different sequencer in stack 1 as well, just trying to keep them separated) without triggering the original seq tied to C1. Only when I press both C1 and D1 do I want both sequencers to be triggered together. Also, it would be best if they were not quantized and were off by the amount that I pressed the keys separately. Ultimately, I would program at least sixteen patterns that I could trigger independently from the next just from a small midi keyboard.

So far, assigning notes to presets doesn't work because they do the bar-wait/quantize (ableton-type trigger) and also trigger the main transport. I've also tried assigning midi notes to the play button on the polynote/mononote but that happens to trigger all the sequences because of the universal transport I think. If the sequences or stacks could behave independently of the universal transport play (even if it plays) that would be cool too (tried accessing that in midi routing but wasn't successful). Assigning mutes might work but it really isn't the same. Midi gate trigger / toggle trigger in one seq works great but I can't assign that to just one note on my keyboard with transpose/quantize off. I may be repeating myself, but ideally, I'd love to just midi toggle trigger a sequencer by just assigning one key on my midi keyboard so other sequencers don't get triggered.

One other small thing is that when I try to midi learn something the keys on my midi keyboard don't work but the knobs do. Does anyone know why that is? Maybe its just my midi keyboard? I'm using the mpk mini right now but I can try another later today.

Anyway, thanks for reading this entire request and really appreciate how great this forum is. I love the numerology community and hope it keeps growing

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Old 02-14-2018, 11:42 PM
hudglove13 hudglove13 is offline
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"A couple quick tips that should help:

- At the bottom of the preset list — well at the very bottom of the edit window — there’s a menu where
you can turn preset quantization Off.

- For doing the ’note-per-preset’ way of doing arrangements, I always setup one Preset (usually the first)
as a ‘Muted’ preset — it plays nothing. In a simple stack, I’ll usually just zero out the sequence. That becomes
the Preset to select to mute a track. A big benefit over using the normal mute button in the mixer: You
get clean Delay/Reverb tails if you’re hosting plugins.

With those two options it would be easy to setup a workflow like “Play D1 to start the sequence in stack 1,
play C1 to mute it” and “Play D2 to start sequence in stack 2, play C2 to mute that one”.

For playing presets where releasing all keys is enough to mute the part, I’m still sorting out a workflow
that works well across several stacks.

Regarding the master transport, it pretty much must be running for anything to happen in any of the stacks.
HOWEVER: with preset quantization off, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting the manual trigger feel you’re
looking for. And, of course, with super-flexible rate options per sequencer, there’s no need for each sequence
to follow the same tempo."

Jim gave this explanation & works well if anyone runs into this again.
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