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Old 10-02-2019, 06:23 PM
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Default Elektron-style parameter locks with 9th encoder

I sold my Voltage Block to make room for the Vector+expander, and would love to see Elektron-style parameter locks added to the Vector, either as part of a real-time recording mode, or just as a default behavior.

The most intuitive solution for this that I can think of is that pressing/holding the 9th encoder causes it to edit whichever step is currently playing, rather than editing all of the steps at once. So for whatever page you are on, you could use some quick presses and turns of the 9th encoder to record automation for that parameter.

To go into more detail as to how exactly steps would be edited/overwritten, here's an example of what I envision: say you are on the Velocity page. The current step has a velocity of 30, but you want it to be higher, so you press the 9th encoder while the step is playing (the velocity does not change until you turn the encoder) and then quickly turn the encoder to increase the velocity to 60. If you continue holding down the encoder, each subsequent step gets set to a velocity of 60 as long as you keep it pressed. Obviously, if you continue turning the encoder while it's pressed, you would continue to generate new values for each step.

Theoretically, this would be a simple addition of functionality that would be incredibly useful to me for jamming/evolving a sequence as you go, especially for longer/faster sequences where it might otherwise be difficult to quickly find the current step and edit it.
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