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Old 02-14-2015, 01:45 AM
zobbo zobbo is offline
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Angry Dual LaunchPad Mini User - NOT HAPPY

There I was - happy using Numerology with my Push and bumbling around without using the manual but doing well. This year I made a resolution to buy no more gear. Life was good.

Then I thought it would be nice to play with Numerology when I was on my laptop away from the Push so I picked up a Launchpad Mini. It's just a tiny thing. Just an exception for my resolution.

Cute aren't they? So small but perfectly formed. Things of beauty. And oh wow - you have to remember a bit more without the visual queues of the Push so I'd better print out the Quick Reference Chart. Hmm - interesting - what's that? Oh - I'd better read the manual. Oh, I can do that ... and THAT .... AND THAT?

Oh wow - this is even more fun than I expected. But no - wait - I can have TWO LAUNCHPADS MINIS?? Really - no, I don't need two. That would be silly. I am NOT going to buy one. I am NOT. I'm just popping into this music shop to look at plectrums or something. And ... er ... this BOX? In my hand? Where did .. what ... oh look - I have two Launchpad Minis now

So now I'm sitting here - with the two launchpad Minis having ENORMOUS amounts of fun. And gosh - wouldn't it be nice to maybe have a little drum box for some hands on action - I could get a - hmmm - Volca Beats? That would go very well. But no no no - aaagh - Amazon made me do it!! So now my New Year resolution is clearly shattered. This is all Five12's fault - grrrrrrr !!!

Being serious - this stuff is amazing. If Jim lived in the UK I'd be nominating him for a Knighthood or something.

One tiny issue. The quick ref sheet doesn't mention the line four actions of the sequence control page (Generate, evolve etc). Assume they've been added fairly recently.

Surely, I am living the dream

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