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Old 07-08-2019, 10:37 PM
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Default Scale Descriptions

Here's a description of the built-in scale quantization options on the Vector. For any of these that look unfamiliar, just run a search on wikipedia to get the details. The 7th chords are not scales in the way that most folks think of scales, but they do make for an interesting quantization option.


CHR: Chromatic
MAJ: Major
MIN: Minor
DOR: Dorian
PHY: Phrygian
LYD: Lydian
MIX: Mixlydian
LOC: Locrian
HM: Harmonic Minor
MM: Melodic Minor
WT: Whole Tone
O1: Octatonic 1,2
O2: Octatonic 2,1
PT: Pentatonic
PTM: Pentatonic Minor
M7: Major 7th Chord
D7: Dominant 7th Chord
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