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Old 01-30-2017, 04:41 AM
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Default Store VST and effect parameters with a preset / snapshot

Does anyone know of a way to include the parameters of a VST synth or effect with a snapshot / preset?

This would be an amazing feature to have.

The way I use Numerology involves getting a sequence going with some VST and one or two effects. Every time I arrive at a point where I'm really enjoying some variation I make a snapshot then work on a duplicate. This gives me a paper-trail of variations I can go back to. Trouble is, I am often tweaking the VST and effects in parallel, so the last state of the instrument and effects becomes global for all my stored presets.

What I'm asking for is some way to save the state of instruments and effects with each snapshot - kinda like a sysex dump at the beginning of each preset!

Is there a way to do this or some nifty trick I need to know about?

Thanks in advance !
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