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Old 04-06-2013, 12:13 PM
transmetropolitan transmetropolitan is offline
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Hey Wade,

I don't know if you already made your decision yet, but thought I'd share this. I recently upgraded to these monitors:

It was case where I got a phenomenal deal second hand, rather than that I was especially unhappy with my Focals.

Don't know what prices and availability are like where you are, but they're a Polish company and use (I believe) a Danish woofer/tweeter. So if you can find a good price, I'd definitely recommend this as a speaker to check out.

Compared to the Focals, they have a tighter and more focused bass that is more accurate where the Focals are slightly hyped. There is phenomenal mid clarity which I find makes mixing quicker and the high end is also extremely detailed.

They are a slightly fussy speaker, by which I mean you need to pay attention to setting them up and it's not an especially big sweet spot. Off axis I find there is a small bump around 3k which I'd likely find fatiguing but it's a very flat speaker in the sweet spot and I can work on them all day no problem.

I absolutely love them to mix on. Slightly quicker to work on than the Focals and I feel slightly more confident about the bottom end of my mixes in particular.
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