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Old 01-15-2020, 07:21 PM
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Default Numerology Updates: Jan 2020

It doesn't look like I'll be able to properly "Notarize" apps in Mojave
using Xcode 10, so I have (just recently) setup Catalina on an external drive.
Hopefully there will be progress soon. The core task of Notariation isn't that
complicated, but getting all the necessary bits in place will be time consuming,
especially as I will need to update the big script that does a full
Numerology build (app, rewire, & plugins for both SE and Pro).

Over the holidays there was a fair bit of progress on Numerology 5. After much
experimenation and a few false starts, I have now committed to re-writing the UI
in C++ on top of Apple's Metal graphics API, with a healthy dose of abstraction to
make it portable to other openGL-ish APIs.

This is great news in terms of resolution independence, retina support, etc., but
of course, porting all the current Objective C code is a pretty big task. Nonetheless,
I intend to press on. I am already finding Apple developer examples that are available in
Swift but not Objective-C, so the writing is already on the wall there: Time to move on.

I plan to pickup a Launchpad X soon -- probably the MINI variety this time.
It looks like the same layout as a Launchpad Pro in 'Developer' mode, so support
may be easy -- indeed, may just work.

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