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Old 02-09-2020, 01:12 AM
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Default NumerologyVST in VCV Rack

Hi Jim,

I'm trying to use NumerologyVST in vcvRack via/Host-XL, having a little luck but noticing a few hiccups

I've got clock and transport in working, 2 CV outputs via a CV to Audio module, and CV in (5v/uni) via audio ins > Envelope Follower.
The big problem atm is the cables on the routing page are invisible :|

A few things that would be great:
- a plugin version with more ins and outs (8/8, 16/16 will be useful once VCV for DAWs is out)
- an Audio to CV module would simplify dealing with CV inputs
- parameters visible to the host (understand this is in the works)
- a gear menu option to initialize the stack

Trying to avoid dealing with MIDI or IAC roundtrips
No issues w/ standalone patching through Loopback, but I prefer to keep everything in one environment, save file, and avoid the cpu hit from Loopback

Cheers + thanks for all!
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