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Old 07-18-2011, 04:13 AM
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Default Moog Voyager Preset Rememberer

Hi All

I don't know if this will be of use to many people but here is a stack designed to save Moog Voyager settings within a Numerology project. The basic idea could work to save any hardware parameters that can be controlled by midi.

I've mapped it out to send and receive midi to and from the Voyager on midi channel 10. To try it out set the Voyager to send and receive on midi channel 10, make sure Numerology is receiving midi from the voyager, load the stack and set it's midi output to wherever your Voyager is.

The stack itself has two (Numerology) presets in it. It loads on a preset called "Init" which is what I use as an initialised stack. It's almost exactly like what you get if you select "Init. Parameters" in the Voyager's edit menu but I've enabled Ext. Audio In. There is also a contrasting clacky kind of preset called Elephant. Switch between the (Numerology) presets and you should get an instant change of sound.

As well as being able to load sounds into the Voyager the stack is mapped to keep track when you make adjustments to the Voyager's front panel. Here's a practical rundown of a few ways it can work:

(i)Starting from the "Init" patch.

Include this stack in a project, set up the connections and starting from the "Init" patch, adjust the Voyager front panel as you wish to sculpt your sound. Save your project or stack. Next time you open the stack it will send CC messages to the Voyager and restore your sound.

N.B. This stack only interacts with the front panel controls of the Voyager so you need to take a note of the non-midi controllable parameters such as filter pole settings, keyboard trigger mode, mod program settings et cetera.

Also N.B. I have a Voyager Rack Mount so have not set it up to remember Mod Wheel, Mod 1, Mod 2, Release Switch or Glide Switch settings. I'm happy to do that if anyone is interested but haven't bothered for now considering that's a long shot.

(ii) Starting from an already existing Voyager preset or sound

Include this stack in a project and route it up. You now need to move every knob or switch on the Voyager in order to teach the "Voyager Preset" stack where they are. The way to do it and retain your settings is to move each control and then return to the position at which they were set(this includes switches - flick them on then back off or off then back on) . Now you have mapped your Voyager settings to the stack and the settings will be remembered when you save your project.

(iii) When opening a previously saved project containing this stack.

When you open a project that contains the "Voyager Preset" stack it will map the saved parameters to your Voyager but you will have no idea what the settings are because the actual controls on the Voyager will not have moved. The way to deal with this is:
a) Open the Numerology Project and load the stack - this will map the parameters to the Voyager
b) In the Voyager's edit menu "Save Preset" to an empty slot.
c) now when you adjust any control (on the Voyager) it (the Voyager) will tell you what the saved parameter is.

And that's that. I hope it actually works and might be interesting for someone. Please let me know of any thoughts or questions and please excuse such a long explanation

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Old 11-24-2011, 05:03 PM
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Hey I have a Voyager rack too! Brilliant stuff, thankyou so much!
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