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Old 03-04-2009, 02:59 PM
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Default Forum <-> Online Manual

As a new user, I'm relying on both the manual and the forum as primary sources of information. I think it would be great if the "breadcrumbs" across the top of most of the rest of the site -- Numerology / Store / Download / Techniques / Forum -- appeared at the top of each manual page, too.

Likewise, it would be nice if there were a less deeply buried link to the online documentation. Currently, no link is visible for the online doc from any of the main public pages: index, Numerology, Store, Download, Techniques, Forum. "Numerology" and/or "Techniques" seems like the first places most people would look for online documentation.

(I've got the forum and the doc separately bookmarked in my browser. But I still think it would be nice if better navigation between them were built into the site...)
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