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Old 11-13-2018, 06:06 PM
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Default Is the output of LFO deterministic ?

Hi all,

I've got kind of an issue with N4's LFO.

Let me describe the pretty basic setup :

1 Gate Sequencer, length 16 steps, gate open on every beat
1 LFO, saw, 1/16th, period 3, output scaled to 0 -- 6
1 Note Generator, Base C3, Chromatic

GateSeq out -> NoteGen gate in
LFO out -> scale -> NoteGen interval in

I, then, expect to have a repetitive 3 notes down on the beat.
Let say : E3 D3 C3 (... repeat ...)
That's *mostly* the case.
Every now and then I get E3 D3 C3 A#2 D3 C3 E3 D3 C3

This may look like a drift but not really, as the sequence gets back on track right after that, then drift again later on (let say a few bars).

I should better call that a race condition than a drift.
Hard sync has no effect whatsoever.

Am I the only one to experience this ?

- macOS 10.14.1
- N4b178 standalone or VST the same

Thanks for any input on the topic!
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drift, lfo, sync

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