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Old 11-09-2013, 06:38 AM
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Default N3 plus Maschine 2.02: OMG!!!!!

Just wanted to say....

AMAZING way of working, bringing out the best in my creativity. Maschine (Mk2 Controller + 2.0 software update in my case) hosts all my plugins (unless i need truly insane feedback routings which only Numerology excels at imo).
Almost all controls can now be exposed to the host, which is amazing for breaking out of pattern-lenth restricted automations (think Ableton Live's "unlink clip automation/modulation" and you're on the right track). So now i can Automate in Numerology, yet still record Modulations inside of Maschine's sequencer (Again, think of Ableton Live's interaction between Clip Automation and Clip Modulation, but now on steroids!!!!). Track Stack presets galore with glide for smooth morphing soundscapes etc.....
Couple that with all the fabulous note/cv sequencers controlled by a few launchpads (Mini's anyone?) and Ableton...errr Numerology 4 Push etc and this environment is just unbelievably FAN-TAS-TIC!!!!!

I still use Ableton Live because it's the ultimate sample manipulator imo (Granulator, GrainFreeze, Simpler, Sampler are unmatched). I then import that audio into Maschine hosting all my plugins and tweak it some more if needed.

I recently introduced my good friend and musical genius called Apollonius...he was instantly hooked on Numerology. He asked:
"Can i do this in Numerology?"
I answered "yes, it can"
"Ok, what about this...and this...and that?!?!?"
"Yup, also"
"Crap, it can do THAT as well?!?!?!"
"That's awesome!!!!"
"Well, what CAN'T it do?!?!?!" he then replied.....
"Dunno, haven't run into what it CAN'T do...."
"Think modular dude....have fun"

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