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Old 06-25-2019, 06:00 PM
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Red face Sync sequencer step to another running randomly?

Hello friends,

I've got a chord sequence going with an Interval running the base pitch to a melody, and a Sequence to modding the Scale Quantification running below it, in order to create chromatic chords.

I like to run the base pitch sequence on Random, but I'd like to keep the Scale Mod in sync with it, e.g. if step 2 of the pitch sequence creates a III chord and the Scale Mod flattens it to bIII, I need the Scale Mod sequence to be at Step 2 as well.

I saw a Step Num Out port in some modules, but I don't see any Step Num In ports anywhere to take advantage of them.

Any tips? Thanks!
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Old 06-29-2019, 07:23 PM
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Use a ParamMod module, it allows you to target the 'CurrStep' of any Note Sequencer. One trick though: the Note Seqs don't have a 'Step Out' port, so just add an Interval Seq running randomly and use it's StepOut value to control the CurrStep of both your ChordSeq and the ScaleMod sequence. (Hopefully I've read your patch description correctly).

On the ParamMod, set the target(s) to the desired sequencers, the param to 'CurrStep', be sure to turn off AutoScale, and set the rate to 'H' (high). See images below for details. In the example I made, I used a pair of MonoNotes. You don't need to make any special adjustments to the Direction params on the target modules, but I would make sure everything is running at the same rate.

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