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Old 06-07-2012, 04:17 AM
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Default MIDI-CV converter not good enough?

Hello there.

sorry for nOOB question!

I'm thinking of either getting a Paia P9700s modular system or a Vermona mono lancet (i know they're different beasts, I'm still figuring out which route is best for me!).

I want to use numerology as a stand alone to control whichever of the above i go for, along with a nord g2, absynth 5 and a bunch of instances samplesynth.

the vermona has midi in and the paia system has a midi cv converter. I'm a bit confused as to whether i can just plug from my midisport into them like i do with the nord or do i need to buy either silent way or volta and a "dc capable interface"

any advice appreciated, thanks!
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