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Old 04-02-2014, 07:27 AM
Valery_Kondakoff Valery_Kondakoff is offline
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Default MatrixArp help! What can I do with Cyclic transpose mode?


Step by step I'm learning Numerology. So far, so god, but right now I completely don't understand the Cyclic transpose mode in the MatrixArp.

Here is what is mentioned in the docs:
Incoming MIDI Notes will be assigned to the 12 rows of the sequencer in a cycling fashion, starting with the first row, then continuing up through all 12 rows, then cycling back to the first row.
I see, that note name boxes values are changing according the Midi input, but they seems to be assigned not starting from the first (lowest) row, but starting from random one (as far as I can see).

What is the main purpose of this transpose mode? What can I do with it? Can you, please, show me an usage example of MatrixArp in Cycling transpose mode? (There are no such examples in Demo stacks or Video tutorials).

Thank you!
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